About Us

Education is one strength that once comes, stays forever with you and the only feature it has is growing on sharing.

What We're All About

With this aim of sharing, growing, and enriching education, The Guruschools Practice Center has set its roots in providing best in class education with a correct mix of dedication, efforts, direction, approach, and attitude.

Learn Something Every Day

Our passion for educating the future generations is not only based on a provision of the best material, quality teaching, dedicated teaching staff, and efficient testing modules but its horizon stretches to the setting of career goals for students, proving moral support and constant motivation, monitoring and guidance at all crucial points of decision making and setting the right thinking process and attitude for students in order to handle all situations in life.

Our Values

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

The Guruschools Practice Center is committed to extracting better results out of our students, through its unique study pattern.

The Guruschools Practice Center understand the responsibility in the TRUST bestowed on us by the parents and the students

The Guruschools Practice Center understand the differences in its various students and takes care to alter expectations from them, thereby generating a positive learning experience

Ambience And Infrastructure

Topic-wise study material covering detailed theory, illustrated examples, practice questions and solved examples.

Network Of Successful Students

Strongly networked community; Ex-students help our students build connections and offer career guidance.

Adaptive Learning

Learning with Guruschools is systematic & one of a kind for adapting to the needs of each child.