Data Analysis

Course Overview

Course Curriculum

Week 1

  • DATA ANALYSIS INTRO: Introduction to the concept of data analysis, its importance, and applications in various fields.
  • HOW TO LEARN DA USING EXCEL: Strategies and resources for learning data analysis techniques using Microsoft Excel as a tool.
  • What is excel: Overview of Microsoft Excel as a spreadsheet software used for data analysis, calculation, and visualization.
  • Why DA THRU Excel: Exploring the advantages and benefits of performing data analysis through Excel, including its ease of use and widespread availability.
  • Functions & Formulas: Introduction to Excel functions and formulas commonly used for data manipulation, calculation, and analysis.
  • ANALYSIS – BUSINESS PROCESS: Understanding how data analysis contributes to improving business processes, decision-making, and performance.
  • REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS: Examination of the process of identifying and documenting user requirements for data analysis projects, ensuring alignment with stakeholder needs and objectives.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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Week 8

About This Course:

  • Access to Training Video
  • Certificate of completion
  • Resume Preparation
  • Vendor Interviews
  • Client Interviews
  • Project Support