RPA – UIPath

Course Overview

Course Curriculum

Week 1-2: RPA Overview and UiPath Overview

  • What, When, and Where RPA
  • Industry coverage of RPA
  • UiPath Installation
  • RPA implementation life cycle
  • Introduction to UiPath components – Studio, orchestrator, and Robots
  • Software and hardware configuration for UiPath
  • How to configure UiPath Studio
  • Different project types
  • Sequence and flowchart
  • Type of Panels in UiPath
  • Manage Packages
  • How to import packages
  • Ribbon module Properties
  • Panels and its importance

Week 3-4: Variables, Excel Automation, Data scraping, Recording, Email Automation and Recording

Week 5-6: Work Queues, Process Debugging, Logging and exception handling, OCR and PDF Automation, Database Automation and API Automation

Week 7-8 Invoke Code Stage, Orchestrator and Re-framework

About This Course:

  • Access to Training Video
  • Certificate of completion
  • Resume Preparation
  • Vendor Interviews
  • Client Interviews
  • Project Support