ServiceNow Developer

Course Overview

Course Curriculum


  • Course Introduction : Introduction on the content of the course
  • Introduction to ServiceNow : Introduction about ServiceNow
  • Obtaining PDI: Guidance and Demo on Obtaining Personal Developer Instance. Exploring PDI, it’s uses and features
  • Environment: Explanation on using different Environments/ Instances in Companies
  • Releases: Explanation on how ServiceNow is evolving through it’s upgrades on every Release
  • Form and Lists: Exploring the Lists and Forms. How to configure them? How to create different List views and Form views?
  • Tables: Understanding how Schema map is used and also the structure of tables. Exploring the functionality of Tables, and understanding different types of fields and their use cases.






About This Course:

  • Access to Training Video
  • Certificate of completion
  • Resume Preparation
  • Vendor Interviews
  • Client Interviews
  • Project Support