Introduction of Bharatanatyam Dance Forms

  • There are many types of dance in which we will learn Bharatanatyam, a South Indian dance form.
  • Nataraja is the god of dance. Bharatanatyam is a solo dance style based on Bharatmuni’s Natyashastra. Initially performed in temples, the art was later performed in palaces and theaters.

Why You can Learn from Ashwini Madan?

  • I have a experience 1 years of teaching in dance institutes and individual.
  • I come from a artistic family, My sense of dance developed from childhood. My interest in traditional Indian dance.

Benefits of Learning Bharatanatyam Dance

  • Dancing is a full body Exercise.
  • Dance promotes good physical and mental health.
  • Dance can do this to any music.


  • Introduction of Music & types of Dance
  • Introduction of bharatnatyam
  • Depth of bharatnatyam
  • Various Benefits of bharatnatyam
  • Rules of bharatnatyam
  • Various basic dance exercises.
  • Types of Hastas
  • Hastas of Namaskara
  • Bol of Namaskara
  • Meaning of namaskara
  • Adavu ( basic foot steps)
  • Shirobhed ( head movements)
  • One song on Bharatanatyam fusion dance.

Requirements :