Instrument - Violin

  • This course is specially designed So that Everyone can easily learn and enjoy Violin Playing.
  • In this course,  You can learn different techniques in Indian classical as well as western style. To play tunes, songs and many more.


  • Introducuction of Music and violin+ parts of violin+ Fingering tips.
  • Tunning Violin in indian classical style+ holding the Violin+Holding the bow + Open string playing
  • Basic notes+ Do’s and don’t s+ 1 basic tune.
  • Warm up excercises +1 more tune.
  • Bowing Techniques+ excercises for fingering and bowing.
  • 4 string notes+ 4string excercises + Classic Bollywood song
  • Rhythmic excercises. + Popular Hollywood song.
  • Tips and techniques to play songs more effectively + Famous English song.
  • Indian Raaga +Bandish (song of that raaga).
  • Revision of all the songs+ Goan folk song.
  • Western Violin tunning and Techniques + Holding techniques.
  • Western song+More Tips + performance by each.