Dot Net Full Stack Development Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to full-stack development: Getting Started

  • What is a Full Stack Development
  • How to become a Full Stack developer
  • Market Demand on full stack developer
  • Build modern application using .net framework
  • Deep inside on Various flavors of front-end Java Script Frameworks.
  • Environment setup for Full stack development.

Week 2: Object-Oriented Programming in C#

  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • C# Fundamentals
  • LINQ, Logging modules
  • Dependency Injection in .net

Week 3: Introduction to .NET Core Framework

  • Understanding .NET Core
  • Explore .NET Core Features
  • .NET Core Framework Architecture
  • Introduction to .NET CLI

Week 4: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Core

  • Model, View, Controller & Actions
  • Razor View Engine
  • Routes & URLs
  • Data Passing Techniques

Week 5: ASP.NET Web API (REST Based)

  • Understanding ASP.NET Web API
  • NET Core Web API Controller & Actions
  • Database Operations and Postman
  • Consuming Web API using ASP.NET Core
  • Securing Web API
  • Web API Versioning

Week 6:Introduction to Angular

  • Introduction to Angular
  • Angular Fundamentals and its Architecture
  • Angular Components
  • Components Inheritance
  • Nested Components
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks
  • Introduction to ReactiveX
  • Understanding Angular Services
  • Observable and Observer
  • Observable Operators
  • Observable vs. Promises

Week 6:Interview & Resume building sessions

  • Reference ready Resume preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock Interview session.

 Career profiles and its opportunities post training

  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Angular Developer
  • NET Core Developer