RPA – UiPath Course Content

What is RPA

 Robotic process automation (or RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on computer software or a “robot”.

Why Learn RPA

RPA (Robotic process automation) saves both time and money. More companies are adapting to this process which makes it an advantageous subject to learn.

Many new jobs will be created by RPA as automation will require a new type of skill set. The pay scale for people with these skills is quite high in comparison to other jobs.

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RPA Overview & Industry Use Cases
  • What, When, and Where RPA
  • Industry coverage of RPA
  • Why UiPathTools
  • UiPath Installation
  • Setting up the Browser
  • RPA implementation life cycle
UiPath Studio Overview
  • Introduction to UiPath components – Studio, orchestrator, and Robots 
  • Software and hardware configuration for UiPath
  • How to configure UiPath Studio
  • Different project types
  • Sequence and flowchart
  • Type of Panels in UiPath
  • Manage Packages
  • How to import packages
  • Ribbon module Properties
  • Panels and their importance 
System Activities And Process Components
  • Variables and arguments 
  • Different Types of loops 
  • Decision Types and switch activities 
  • Variable Scope 
  • System Activities
Excel Automation
  • Create, Read, and Write Excel files  
  • How to read, write in a cell  
  • Filter and Sorting 
  • How to apply formula within a cell 
  • Difference between Excel and Workbook activities  
App Integration, Data, And Image Scrapping
  • What are the selectors?  
  • How to make selectors dynamic   
  • Ui Explorer    
  • Data Scrapping from different types of sources  
  • Image Scrapping
Type Of Recording
  • Basic Recording   
  • Desktop Recording   
  • Web Recording  
  • Image Recording   
  • Citrix Recording  
  • Computer Vision
Email Automation
  • Different Types of email automation activities  
  • Send and Read Email  
  • Email attachment download    
  • SMTP and IMAP email
Work Queues
  • Load data into Queue   
  • Get data from Queue   
  • Delete Queue Items  
  • How to set Queue item status  
  • Bulk add queue items
Process Debugging, Logging, And Exception Handling
  • What is debugging process  
  • Debugging techniques   
  • Breakpoints    
  • What are exceptions/errors   
  • Types of errors/exceptions   
  • How to handle exceptions   
  • Try Catch  
  • Throw and Rethrow
OCR And PDF Automation
  • What are OCR   Types of OCR engines – Tesseract, Microsoft, Omni Page   
  • How to read data from text and OCR PDF   
  • How to read data from the image from OCR   
  • PDF Invoice automation
Invoke Code Stage
  • Overview of Invoke code stage
  • How to build code to execute from the code stage
Orchestrator, Robot, And Studio Configuration
  • What is Orchestrator   
  • Assets Types  
  • Logs verification  
  • Environment creation   
  • How to configure Machine  How to configure Robots   
  • Attended and Unattained Robots   
  • How to schedule the process on Attended and Unattained Robots  
  • How to publish the process   
  • Version control
RE Framework
  • Introduction to RE Framework   
  • State Machine    
  • Advantages of RE Framework   
  • RE Framework structure   
  • Configuration file creation   
  • Build an end to end projects using RE Framework
Document Understanding With UiPath
  • Install Packages and create a taxonomy 
  • Digitize and classify the documents
  • Data Extraction and Human Validation 
  • Export and write the result in Excel 
  • Train the same Bot for license data extract 
  • Assignments
UiPath Test Suite
  • What is UiPath Test Suite?   
  • How to perform testing  Date Driven Testing  
  • How to generate the test HTML report  
  • Email test HTML report
UiPath Licensing
  • Type of License of UiPath components?     
  • The license cost of different components
Type Of Bots
  • Attended     
  • Unattended   
  • Testing   
  • Non-Production