Singing - Anyone Can Sing

  • People love to sing. Whether they can carry a tune or not, people seem to understand that there’s something positive — something healthy — in the act of raising their voices in song.
  • Learning to singing involves training your vocal cords and ear to hit and analysis pitch.
    Whether you want to achieve something big in music, or learns music just as a hobby, exposing yourself or your child to music education will enhances learning abilities and various skills.
  • Anyone who learn music learns that continued practice and hard work lead to great rewards – when they practice the same song over and over again leads to the elation of mastering it, and then performing it for others. Learning to stick with a difficult task is a vital life skill, and translates to other areas in life.
  • Music lessons of any type are beneficial to everyone in many ways.There is a massive benefit of being musical that one may find difficult to explain to others but he/she can feel its greatest joy. The most important benefit of music education is about being musical. Music gives you a better understanding of yourself and your world.

Course Overview -

  • To Understand music one needs to have a very, very solid foundation in the basics of music: rhythm and pitch.
  • In this course, students will get to know the basics of Hindustani classical music and its applications. Students will understand the Alphabets of Music which is Sa Re Ga MA Pa Dha Ni and how they are connected to any song they come across.
  • They will be exposed to a variety of music genres, taal, Basic ragas, bhajan, Folk music, and Bollywood Music, western music.

Who Can take this course -

  • Anyone who wants to develop a deep interest in Music, or just want to enjoy musical notes, sing songs with lots of fun and knowledge can take this course.

What you will learn in this course ?

  • How Singing Voice Works
  • Introduction to Sur & taal
  • Alankars- The Ornamentation Tool For
  • Music
  • Voice Projection, Articulation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Art of Composing
  • Introduction to raags
  • Raag bhoopali, Sargam, Bandish
  • Basic Elements of Song
  • Bhajan, Prayer/Vedic Chants
  • Folk Song
  • Motivational Film Songs
  • Karaoke Singing
  • Hindi/English Song
  • Introduction to Music Production
  • Ear training Exercise


  • Basics of Singing
  • Introduction to Music, Pitch,
  • Rhythm,Tempo.
  • How To Sing With Tanpura
  • Om Practice
  • Introduction To Karaoke Singing
  • Introduction To Beats
  • One Prayer/Vedic Chant
  • One Bollywood Song
  • Alankar/Sargam
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Introduction to Raag Bhoopali
  • Raag Bhoopali Sargam/Bandish
  • Introduction to Teen Taal
  • Karaoke Singing
  • Motivational Song
  • Voice Techniques
  • One English Song
  • Breathing Technique
  • Practice Patterns For Voice
  • Lyrical Interpretation
  • Ear Training
  • Beat & Off Beat Concept
  • Practice with Karaoke
  • Students Performance
  • Course Revision