Singing - Folk Songs

  • People love to sing. Whether they can carry a tune or not, people seem to understand that there’s something positive — something healthy — in the act of raising their voices in song.
  • So many who love to sing are drawn to the immediacy and essential simplicity of the music we commonly call folk.
  • Folk music, in fact, can serve as the perfect entry point for those just starting on their singing careers because of the ways in which it sidesteps the strictures of classical forms without giving up the fundamentals of professional singing techniques.

Learn to Sing By Mayuri Visani

  • I have vast Experience, (A total of 7 Years) of teaching private tuitions and school. I teach folk Music (Vocal)
  • I have started learning music at a very young age.
  • Music is my hobby and I started learning classical music when I was in 8th std. Gradually music became part of life and Started learning other instruments as well as singing.
  • I have received state first rank in state youth festival (Folk song 2007-08).
  • Received first in drama & first in group song in university youth festival (2007-08).
  • Completed Pratham vishaarad from Bruhad Gujral Sangeet Samiti from the second division.
  • Winner of Barot Vandana
    Competition -2018.


  • Basics of Singing
  • Introduction to Music, Pitch,
  • Indian musical notes and details
  • Rhythm in various beats
  • Types of saptak
  • Types of jati
  • Introduction of folk music
  • Types of folk music

  • Types of bhajan (prabhatiya)

  • Ancient folk and types

  • Ancient marriage song and types

  • Various types of Garba
  • 3 taali Garba
  • 2 taali Garba
  • Hinch
  • Timli
  • Sanedo
  • Difference between classical music and folk music

Mayuri Visani