Website Design/Development using WordPress

Our Creative web design course for kids lets them learn in fun and structured way as they turn their imagination into reality.

It’s fun engaging, and lets them use virtual tools to communicate with their tutor and class friends.

Below are the reasons why kids should learn to code -

  • Coding helps with school and academic performance
  • Coding helps math & logical problem solving
  • Coding is Fun !
  • Coding summer classes can keep your kids busy
  • Coding helps to future proof your child’s job prospect

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to build the front-end WebPages by coding HTML and CSS
  • Mark up content such as text, images, links with HTML and then style it with CSS
  • Learn modern CSS page layout technique such as Flexbox
  • How to install WordPress, Hosting
  • How to choose and install your WordPress theme
  • How to customize your WordPress Theme
  • How to Create Blog Post
  • How to use Plugins


  • Understand and employ basic HTML5 tags to build your own website.
  • HTML Graphics & Media.
  • CSS introduction &  Syntax
  • Font Styling , Color , Typography , CSS Position property
  • Background , Attribute Selectors ,  CSS Transform & Transitions
  • Intro to Flexbox, Flexbox Sizing & Alignment
  • CSS Media Queries
  • WordPress introduction
  • WordPress installation – System requirement, Download WordPress, Setup Wizard
  • WordPress Dashboard – Dashboard Menu, Screen Options, Activity Widget
  • WordPress General Settings – Writing, Reading, Discussion
  • Create Page and writing your First Post
  • Examine the difference between Posts & Pages
  • Uploading & Displaying Photos & Galleries
  • Working with custom fields
  • Finding & installing WordPress theme
    Customizing your Theme
  • Introducing WordPress plug-ins
    Assessment & project

Trainers For Website Design & Development using WordPress

Chetan Joshi

  • I have 8 years of experience in UI Design & Development 
  • Working in multinational company with multinational clients.
  • IPR and Software Development, IPR and Open Source challenges training, IPR & Business Benefits Certificate Training.
  • Functional Area –

    Software Development & Maintenance , Product Process & Programmed Operation, Manufacturing Processes, Training & Workshops.