Java Full Stack Development

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Week 1

  • HTML5: Need and Benefits of HTML, Setup, Browser, BOM and DOM, DOCTYPE, Character Encoding, , , , HTML5 Document, Comments. Formatting Tags, List, Table, Form & Input Tags, Images, Styles, placeholder, inline and block elements, id vs class attributes
  • CSS3: Need and Benefits of CSS, Setup, CSS Syntax, CSS Comments, Including CSS in HTML Documents(Inline styles, Embedded styles, External style sheets), CSS3 Selectors – Universal Selector, Element Type Selector, Id Selectors, Class Selectors, Grouping Selectors, CSS Color, CSS Background, CSS Fonts, CSS Text, CSS Links, CSS Lists, CSS Tables, CSS Box Model, Margin, padding, border, Outline, Visibility vs. Display, Multiple Columns
  • Javascript: JavaScript Basics, DOM, Variables, Datatypes, Type Conversions, Operators, Comparisons, Interactions, Loops, Functions, Function expression, Control Flow, Conditionals, Array, String, Date, Math, Number, Boolean, Functions, JSON, Regular Expression, Objects, Arrays and Functions, JSON

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